OmniTI - OmniTI specializes in scaling websites and enhancing performance. With the no-fuss fonts Arial and Georgia, OmniTI’s website zeroes in on content. The sans serif Arial gives a slick, modern appeal […]

Max Di Capula - Max Di Capula is a digital agency seeking to capture attention both on- and offline. Their font choices do just that. The header opens with a bold all caps Futura […]

Playful - Digital production company Playful’s font choices live up to the company’s name. An incredible amount of aesthetic appeal is accomplished with the visually variable font Brandon Grotesque. With a combination […]

Zero App - The Zero app promises to get your task list organized in less time. The League Gothic font on Zero’s website is a revival of a classic font designed in 1903. […]

Kashoo - Kashoo is comprised of innovative developers, creative designers and marketing consultants. Their website needed to portray both beautiful form and to-the-point function. They achieved this using FuturaBT in a medium […]

Moresoda - Moresoda promises its web design clients a mix of “fresh design” and “digital thinking,” which is exactly what their fonts portray. The dominant font used for headlines and promotional blocks […]

Initiative - The global media company Initiate uses a combination of unique and standard fonts to both draw the eye in and to make the information easy to read. The homepage opens […]

UStream - is known for its live streaming of events all over the world, so its streamlined fonts fit right in. Prominently featured are the sans serif fonts Open Sans, Lato, […]

MIXD - MIXD is in the business of “World Class Web Design,” and their custom font (appropriately entitled “MIXD”) helps outline their modern, high-end branding. This sans serif font is especially appealing […]